For me art is all about feeling and understanding in your own personal and private way. That makes creating it the greatest personal and private act.

As is wearing jewellery.

The process of creating is reliant on personal development and perspective. Analysing this perspective is an important drive for me as an artist.

“I remember how the exact same room looked very different 20 yeas ago. I can still recall the way I used to see it. I looked at it with different eyes. I had a different perspective. In the blink of an eye I can switch between the old and the new room. The room hasn’t changed; everything is exactly the same, yet it is totally different."


It can be challenging to try and have a different perspective. You look with your own eyes, experience through your own body and mind and with your own background. This is self-evident and certainly inevitable. Trying to look through different eyes would always be a guess. One can never see what other eyes see. There are simply too many different eyes with different backgrounds and none of them are yours. But even this guess surely gives a new perspective. And this new perspective leads to new ideas.


"I know for a fact that I used to see things differently. I can conclude I will do so in the future. This gives me enough reason to keep trying to look at my work with different eyes and perspectives and that continues to give me new ideas. It is an ongoing process.”

Jewellery is private and personal. It is taste and sense. My work automatically reflects my private world. Therefore a little piece of me is in each piece.





2018             Workshop Plique-á-Jour enamelling by the association of Dutch enamelers


2014             Workshop Reticulation by Anke Akerboom

2012             Workshop Cuttlefish Casting by Anke Akerboom

2010-2015   Bachelor of Fine Arts and Education (BFA Ed) - Amsterdamse Hogeschool                                 voor de Kunsten (AHK)

2009-2012   Basic goldsmith training – Vakschool Edelsmeden Amsterdam

2008-2009   Product Design – Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HVA)

2007             Preliminary program Fine Arts – Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)