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Handmade in Amsterdam

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handmade in Amsterdam

Dalmatian Anker

The singles are one of a kind earrings to mix and match to your own desire.
They are categorized by gemstone and can be matched as a pair, or you can keep it single of course.

Dalmatian jasper, also known as Dalmatian stone or simply Dalmatian, gets its name from its spotted appearance. It is typically found in Chihuahua, Mexico.
The name is a bit misleading because it's not actually jasper. It's an igneous microcrystalline quartz with a mixture of other minerals creating the speckled look. The dark spots are created by black tourmaline deposits. 
It's unique opaque rock-like appearance combines beautifully with either gold, silver or blackened silver. They all have their own signature and shape. Mix studs with dangling earrings to make them stand out extra.

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