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Ongoing collection, Est. 2022
Unique pieces and serial pieces.

Marginal note

One of a kind piece: the only one in its kind

Unique piece: multiple editions, never exactly the same

Serial piece: possible to remake

A play of form and function.


As a jewelry designer I have always particularly been intrigued and challenged by making interesting settings for stones. It requires a play of form and function. Add concept and form does not simply follow function but collaborates with it.


In form and concept the snippets are interrupted settings made as fragmented pillars to safeguard the precious stone that is the core of the piece.

The stone is staged as the core, the soul, and is held by bits and pieces as if it's their identity or ego, which is – as I believe – never singular or constant.


Functioning they follow the shape of the stone(s) and at the same time take into account their characteristics like  light-transmitting, hardness and/or specific fragilities.


They are built with a certain straightforward simplicity – creating a strong aesthetic, sculpted by hand with a unique nude and raw texture created by the cast of wax.

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