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Ongoing collection, Est. 2016
One of a kind pieces and unique pieces

Marginal note

One of a kind piece: the only one in its kind

Unique piece: multiple editions, never exactly the same

Serial piece: possible to remake

“Cause no one stays on one course”


The Offshoots collection takes inspiration from the organic shapes of plants and their tendency to grow in unexpected ways. There is so much poetry in flora and fauna and in this collection, I try to capture this. 

In addition, it symbolizes embracing life taking new directions as the offshoots represent the growth and expansion of the plant in a new direction.


The collection features a signature base for each ring, made from an organic round shape that is always in balance, but never a perfect circle. The contemporary single or double claw setting is then complemented by an offshoot that holds the stone in place. This means that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, as the stone itself dictates how it will be set.


If you have a specific precious stone in mind, this design is ideal, as it almost always can be fitted into the unique base. This will result in a ring that is completely unique, as the stone will influence its final appearance and each ring is sculpted by me by hand.

Custom commissions are possible.

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