Ongoing collection, Est. 2016
One of a kind pieces and unique pieces

Marginal note

One of a kind piece: the only one in its kind

Unique piece: multiple editions, never exactly the same

Serial piece: possible to remake

'Cause no one stays on one course.'

Offshoots is an organic collection based on the idea of a side shoot or branch of a plant.

Plants never grow straight nor the same. They shoot off branches wherever the energy brings it and they never stop doing so. 

There is so much poetry in flora and fauna and in this collection I try to capture this poetry.

The base for these rings is always the same; an organic round ring, never a perfect circle but always in balance, with a contemporary single or double claw setting. An offshoot holds the stone(s) in place.

The stone decides how it's set and gives each piece it's uniqueness.

This design is ideal if you have a specific precious stone you would like to use. It can nearly always be fitted in the unique base.

Custom commissions are possible.

Bespoke is possible via email.