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Ongoing collection, Est. 2022
Unique pieces and serial pieces.

Marginal note

One of a kind piece: the only one in its kind

Unique piece: multiple editions, never exactly the same

Serial piece: possible to remake

This series focusses on the design of the stone setting.

As a jewelry designer I have always been intrigued and challenged by making odd settings for stones. With this series I searched for a new way to highlight and complement a stone. The forms are traced in sheet highlighting or complimenting the shape of the stone and at the same time taking into account the needs of the stone; light transmitting, their hardness and specific fragilities.

They are straightforward and powerful in the simplicity of their build, all and only to hold the stone - explicitly highlighting the shape of the stone.

The designs of the snippet pieces find their beauty in the raw and nude surface created in the metal by the cast of wax.

All pieces are sculpted by hand with a unique nude and raw texture. The settings come back in various pieces and combinations.

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