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How can I order?

Ordering goes like this.

What is the delivery time?

Not all pieces are in stock. Most of the jewellery will be made to order. On the website, every piece of jewellery shows an indication of delivery time. Some jewellery, which are in stock, will be shipped the same week your payment arrives. Other items, like custom made rings and solid 14k jewellery, will take longer. If you want to be sure, or have a special request about the delivery time, just contact me by sending an email to info@stefanieverhoef.com

What does 925 silver mean?

925 silver means that 925 parts out of 1000 is pure silver. The rest is copper.

Since silver itself is rather soft, there is an alloy made, together with copper where copper holds 7,5% and silver 92,5%. This alloy is called 925 sterling silver. This is the highest silver alloy used for jewellery.

What does oxidized silver mean?

Due to a chemical process, the copper in the silver alloy reacts and tarnishes, which makes the silver turn black.

This is a process that happens on the surface of the material, while under that, the silver keeps it’s original colour. Therefore, with extensive wear, the surface layer will wear off, and the original silver will become visible, especially on places where there is much friction, like with rings.

Let me know if you want to have your piece oxidised again. I will do it for free (except for possible shipping costs).

How do I maintain the jewellery?

Avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes, shampoos, sea or chlorine water.

When you are not wearing your jewellery, keep it in a jewellery box.

Clean silver and gold with a polishing cloth or with a soft brush under running water.

Dry well and keep dry!

On brass items some staining may occur after a while. This can be cleaned by warm water and soap, or by copper polish.

How do I determine my ring size?

When buying rings online, determining the ring size can be tricky. Best is to measure at a local jewellery shop. Do mention to the jeweller whether you're measuring for a small or a wide band.

If you want to measure at home, you can measure the inner diameter of a ring that fits you well. Use a calliper to measure to one-tenth of a millimetre precise. Please note that every finger has its own size and the width of the ringband plays a role.

What if a ring I want is not available in my size?

Not all rings on the website can be made to your size, because of the gemstones. Sometimes you have to be lucky with the size of the ring. Contact me about the possibilities, maybe something similar can be custom made for you.

What if the ring I ordered doesn't fit?

When ordering rings online it is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have ordered the correct size. If possible, I will happily re-size a ring once free of charge aside from shipping costs, but any further re-sizing will be subject to a charge.

What is your policy for returns and exchange

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase I will be happy to offer an exchange within 10 days of purchase. If you do wish to return an item, please contact me for further details. Purchases exempt from both the refund and exchange policies are commissioned pieces (bespoke) and customised pieces. Please contact me before you send anything in return.

I am unable to accept responsibility for the non-arrival of returned goods and therefore recommend the items be sent by insured delivery. Please note that the cost of shipping is not refundable.