Photography by Josephine Verhoef


If you'd like to commission a custom designed piece that's possible.
I work mainly from the characteristic aesthetic that you can find in my collections; kind of rough yet delicate. Have a look at the archive page to get inspired by previous commissioned pieces.
Together we can, without obligation, discuss a design to your preference and possibly choose a beautiful gemstone from my collection for it. 
There are numerous possibilities so feel free to contact me to discuss your idea.
Jewelry is always personal and wearing jewelry is a way to express yourself, a way to carry a dear memory with you or can be used to show your affection.
It's art and emotion. It can be my emotions becoming yours when you start wearing my piece or it can be your emotions that I'm shaping into a custom piece. Either way it's the biggest honor to create a piece of jewelry that someone will cherish dearly.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss a piece.

Stefanie Verhoef jewelry designer Amsterdam
Stefanie Verhoef jewelry designer studio Amsterdam
Stefanie Verhoef jewelry designer studio Amsterdam