Stefanie Verhoef is an artist and contemporary jewellery designer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

She makes contemporary jewellery with a conceptual character. Her designs are defined by a rough edged yet delicate aesthetic.

She was trained as a goldsmith during a technical education in Amsterdam.

After this she studied Fine Arts and Education. She holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts & in Education.

Throughout her art studies, jewellery and design always played a big role. Being trained as a goldsmith, a fine arts artist and an art teacher, she learned many ways of creating and expressing.

Designing and making jewellery has always been the core and working within the contemporary and conceptual field is where she feels most comfortable.

In her work Stefanie is always looking for original and innovative contrasts. It’s an overarching theme in her collections. By looking for unusual opposites and placing them together, both interacting elements can fully show their potential.

The contrasts can be found in unconventional stone setting, use of color, material or in the shape itself.

All balanced together it defines her aesthetic; rough edged yet surprisingly delicate pieces. 


Her collections tell stories of personal observations or fascinations.

Stories are endless and so are most of her collections; designs keep developing and thus a collection is never really finished. 


She creates unique one of a kind pieces as well as limited or unlimited editions.

Have a look in the online shop for available pieces. Custom is also possible.

2018                Workshop Plique-á-Jour enamelling by the association of Dutch enamelers


2014                Workshop Reticulation by Anke Akerboom

2012                Workshop Cuttlefish Casting by Anke Akerboom

2010-2015      Bachelor of Fine Arts and Education (BFA Ed) - Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (AHK)

2009-2012     Goldsmith technical education – Vakschool Edelsmeden Amsterdam

2008-2009    Product Design – Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HVA)

2007                Preliminary program Fine Arts – Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)




01/2021           Alba Longa - Limited edition contemporary jewellery book. By Ludvig Rage Club.

07/2020         Gallery O Seoul. Gallery representation.

12/2019           Blou Amsterdam, group exhibition Diamond Fever.

10/2019           Joya Barcelona, display exhibition.

10/2019           Dorien Dols Collectables, duo exhibition with Lindsey Fontijn.

09/2019           Madrid Joya, display exhibition.

09/2019           Yearbook Contemporary Jewellery, book representation.

07/2019           KunstRUIM; Diamant aan de Amstel, local group exhibition with different art disciplines.

03/2019           Accessory, Vogue Vanity Fair. Magazine publication.

02/2019           The Contemporary Jewel as never seen before, Artistar Jewels. Book representation.

02/2019           Milan Fashion Week, Artistar Jewels.

10/2018            Atelier route Amstelveen, Group exhibition with Matthijs Scholten, Ilse Vorstenbosch and                                           Heidi Walheimer.

09/2018           Art route Aalsmeer, collective exhibition and art route through the city.

12/2017            Schmucke Berlin. Gallery representation.

05/2017           Open Ateliers Zuid. Duo exhibition with Anke Akerboom

10/2016            Galerie KIS. Exhibition and representation.

09/2016           Yearbook Contemporary Jewellery. Book representation.

06/2016           Toon Amsterdam. Sales exhibition.

04/2016           Galerie Fontrodona. Group exhibition with Roos Hilstra, Marloes Homan and Helene                                                       Koopmans.

06/2014           Graduation show and catalogue, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Amsterdam.