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Marginal note

One of a kind piece: the only one in its kind

Unique piece: multiple editions, never exactly the same

Serial piece: possible to remake


Ongoing collection, Est. 2017
One of a kind, unique and serial pieces

Mixed Feelings is a multidisciplinary series found in the start of a new life phase, feeling lost and picking up threads. The name refers to having multiple contradicting feelings at the same time, as well as to the use of multiple disciplines (jewellery, drawings, paintings).

After becoming a mother many thoughts and feelings came to take over. Not in a bad way, but they did take over and it was a transformative experience. I felt a certain grief or uncertainty alongside of this new kind of overwhelming love. This series was found in these feelings and in getting myself back to working and creating.


Almost t​herapeutically I started drawing and painting the mixed feelings.

At the base the paintings started out with shapes and lines contrasting and complementing one another. They can be seen as abstract feelings that every so often take over. Very basal and pure, instinctively put on paper.

These turned out to be the blueprint for a new line of jewellery pieces. I've tried to translate each drawing or painting into a wearable design and from there the collection has taken its shape. The form language that originates in the paintings inspires the wearable pieces.

It grew into a new and liberating way of working and pushed me into finding my voice back. The collection keeps on growing.


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